I was born in Hódmezővásárhely in 1968.

I was graduated in the University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula
Faculty of Education, Department of Art and Art History.


I do not think it is necessary to share a long story. I am happy to create. Great masters like Sándor Aranyi and László Tenk help my development.
In the words of László Tenk: Every artwork is a self-portrait. I am gathering inspiration from the greats from the past and the present, and I am shaped and changed by everyday impressions. I gather strength and inspiration from the energy of nature.


The wind began to rush on the meadow. There was a vase standing on the table. Animals were released to the pasture. Clouds were scudding silently above us.

If we wanted to tell about the pictures of Edit Hermkens, these stories would start like that.

Every tiny detail has its own story, even if these stories are harder to be recognized than small
details. Edit is particularly interested in these details and micro-moments, even though the pictures
themselves are far from being concealed or self-closing. Using expressive gestures, rich colors, and
vibrant brushstrokes, Edit materialize all the details of the stories revealed in front of her eyes.
Paints, colors and forms are taking shape and recreating the reality that Edit has perceived through
sensory impressions. Edit's reality will be the basis of our reality; she shows us how leaves, flowers,
animals and people are. How we are?....

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